THE FINAL WEEK – water depletion, mentally hardest & hitting peak performance with perfection!

by stine

I start losing concentration 1.5hr before I have to eat, can’t focus, forget things, sometimes it takes me 10 minutes to spell my name…It’s actually pretty funny because I still eat pretty well and I’m NOT about to die hahaha, it’s just that my metabolism is so high and of course after prepping since February […]

Can I have a red wine and a fancy dinner 12 days out of competition?

by stine

This time around prepping down has definitely not been normal. Not only because I ‘accidentally’ started dating my coach 😉 But a lot of things have been a big eyeopener for me. I feel like I’ve been eating like a queen and training like a woman…But I was constantly thinking, when we get closer to […]

Tips and trick Tuesday: Pumpkin or sweet potato when you diet?

by stine
Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 11.52.20 AM

One of my absolutely favourite veggie this time shredding down is PUMPKIN…OMG yum yum yum. It seriously taste like the sweetest thing you’ve ever tasted. I have never cooked with it before and just thought that sweet potato was ‘the thing you eat’ when you are a bodybuilder 😉 Well you learn something new every […]

I’m so disappointed…

by stine

I was really confident when we had to measure my body fat today. I’ve been ‘a good girl’ doing exactly what my coach have been saying…and not adding a bit of extra treats like I told about in the last update. BUT WTF???? Look at this: Yep exactly the same millimeters as the week before…NOT […]

Oh Shit it’s Monday…

by stine
Protein Pancakes with nutella syrup & maple syrup - Speedo's Cafe North Bondi

Monday is JUDGEMENT DAY ON THE SCALE and I was a bit nervous this time. I’ve been a bad girl…Yep I’ve been cheating more than I’ve told my coach (and he still doesn’t know) and more than ‘the planned cheat meal’ (protein pancakes where I added ice-cream and extra maple syrup). Thursday was a very […]

Trendy Thursday: Everyone is asking…

by stine
D- 067

Everyone is asking about the tiny camouflage hot pants I’m wearing in this picture. Unfortunately it’s not even my own, damn…They belonged to the awesome Dana Tamara (stylist and makeup artist on this shoot and the wife of “Daz”). Well I did own a pair for 1 day, it was the same brand we where […]

(For my Danish friends): The truth about René Dif and I…

by stine

And to those English speaking friends that made it to here…I write a blog for a Danish magazine, Her & Nu. In this blog I tell about my life and thoughts, so people get the stories straight from “my mouth”…for example how I reacted when I heard the biggest love of my life is getting […]

Tips and trick Tuesdays: How to eat out on a diet?

by stine

A lot of people say that it’s hard to ‘eat clean’ when you are out…I’m beginning to find it quite easy to eat if I find myself in a situation where I didn’t bring my prep’ed meals or if an impulsive invitation comes up. For example, if this was a meal on the menu… (in […]

Judgement day on the scale…Sad or happy?

by stine

  Every Monday morning my coach measure my progress and that can sometimes be a scary moment. If the numbers are not satisfying, well then I know that I’m in for a tough week. It’s important in ‘comp prep’ for bodybuilding to keep track of progress so you know what to step up or down […]

5 weeks out from my first IFBB competition!

by stine

Already…Oh God I feel like I’ve just been 11 weeks out….or actually I feel like I’ve been prepping since beginning of the year because I decided to change goal late April. Since I went to watch Olympia last year in Las Vegas I knew that my dream was to be up on that stage one […]

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